How to install GitExtensions in Ubuntu


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For now I have Ubuntu 15.10 system with mono installed. To run and use GitExtensions on linux I have installed mono runtime (that's more important, at least libmono-system-windows-forms library needed).

Installing GitExtensions

To install GitExtensions actually a few steps needed:

  • download GitExtensions zip archive for mono from sourceforge. No matter what tool you use. I used the browser for that.

  • extract archive content to /opt/GitExtensions directory. You can select arbitrary directory you want, but it's seems more appropriate place for user installed software in linux.

  • edit file. This file already contains correct command, just supply GitExtensions.exe with full path. File should contains:

    mono /opt/GitExtensions/GitExtensions.exe "[email protected]" &

UPDATE: If you got errors from mono runtime, you could use following

rm  -rf ~/.local/share/GitExtensions/*
mono /opt/GitExtensions/GitExtensions.exe "[email protected]" &

Some versions of mono runtime has had some bugs and therefore GitExtensions can serialize window position in wrong format. rm command will delete wrong settings completely and you will be able to run GitExtensions.

  • add execution rights to

    chmod +x /opt/GitExtensions/
  • make symbolic link to /usr/local/bin directory:

    sudo ln -s /opt/GitExtensions/ /usr/local/bin/gitext

Now I could type gitext from arbitrary directories where I want to run GitExtensions from.


Now I have wonderful tool in my linux toolbox to work with git. Yes, it's still important to me to be able to work with git through command line, but sometimes real GUI may be more convenient. I prefer it for viewing commits history, for example.